Call Colby – It works!

A couple of years ago, I had an unfortunate incident in a store that led to a sudden slip and fall’ due to the negligence of the cleaning staff. After the incident I was NOT the same …. I had suffered continuous pain and saw my medical needs increase dramatically. After inquiring about a possible lawyer, I was later recommended to Mr. Colby Lewis who was described affectionately as a ‘Bull-Bog …a passionate lawyer who will fight to the end for his clients. Unsure and hesitant, I took a leap of faith and called Mr. Lewis. Well, the call was worth it because the person that I found on the other end of the call immediately put me at ease. He was welcoming, upbeat, kind, incredibly attentive and professional. He and his staff immediately began to take care of me! The diligence and efficiency with which they worked, was impressive. I felt comforted and supported in my quest to take care of the financial burden of my rising medical costs! My experience with Mr. Lewis and his staff from the very beginning to the close of the case was nothing short of wonderful! The communication was constant, the attention to detail was amazing and the congenial nature of the staff was fabulous! But, the most important component was the relationship that Mr. Lewis formed with me as a client… He was always, focused, honest, and informative throughout the entire process. He created an atmosphere of trust and that was one of the most cherished parts of my experience working with Mr. Colby Lewis and his team. I highly recommend Mr. Colby Lewis and his team. They will NOT disappoint! It is difficult to find good representation and I was lucky to have been pointed his direction. Mr. Lewis fought for me until the very end and the outcome was quite pleasing! In my opinion, 5 stars is not even enough to capture the talent within this law firm! Mr. Colby Lewis runs a tight ship and he delivers for his clients!!